Thursday, June 21, 2012

Departing From Hilo Airport

Getting in line for an agricultural and then security inspection
at the Hilo airport.

The most comfortable airport lounge we have ever
experienced - to date anyway.  Sure gets one ready
for the 9 pm red-eye to LAX.

On a jet plane.... homeward bound for Plattsburgh, NY.

A sincere "THANKS" to all those at SUNY Plattsburgh who made this
once-in-a-life-time Venus Transit adventure possible as well as to all
those who personally supported us, either from home or from Hawai'i,
and faithfully followed our quirky daily posts!


State Beach in Hilo - Our Last Stop Before the 9pm Fight

Hawaiian Classic - 6 man dug-out canoe races.

Shot of one of our favorite trees.  Though we called them the "umbrella
trees", we never knew their true name.  Others we found scattered
around the island were actually much larger than the one pictured
above - great for shade!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tropical Botanical Garden Just Outside Hilo

Words can not describe the flowers, etc.  Below is just a very
small sample of the flora.


Sight-seeing On Our Way To Hilo Airport

Second to last stop on our way to the Hilo airport.

Little geckos followed us everywhere!

Jurassic park bamboo growing from the valley floor below.

Thick tropical jungle flora at Akaka lookout site.

Akaka falls - a 420 foot drop to the plunge pool - a shower you
will never forget.

The Road to Kohala

Heading along the shore road to Kohala, the northwest portion
of the island of Hawai'i.

As far north as we can go by car (that we found) ..... the rest is
by foot or boat.

Our view of the Pololu Valley - very lush compared to the desert
and grasslands we just passed through.

 Our view of a lovely black sand beach at end of the Pololu Valley.
King Kamehameha I, the king credited for unifying the Hawaiian Islands,
was born in North Kohala near Hāwī.  The Hawaiian name for this sacred   site is Moʻokini Heiau,

The Last Day at the Villa

 Our farewell dinner at Jackie Rays.

Saying Aloha to our lovely Hawaiian host, Astsumi & Randy, at
Kona View Estates. Thank you for a wonderful stay!

Packed and ready for the trip back home!

Reaching the Stars

Representing SUNY Plattsburgh.

Representing Galilean Society. 

In Stellis, Illuminatio!